Questions of the day: New construction in Berlin is becoming more expensive and vaccine policy is progressing

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What happened?

• Major progress in vaccine development
As the Mainz-based pharmaceutical company Biontech announced on Monday, its coronavirus vaccination offers more than 90 percent protection against Covid-19 disease. It also said Biontech and pharmaceutical giant Pfizer are expected to apply for approval from the US FDA starting next week. More about this here.

• More corona intensive care patients than ever
The number of corona patients in intensive care units in Germany has exceeded spring height. The German Interdisciplinary Association for Intensive and Emergency Medicine (DIVI) reports that 3,005 Covid-19 patients are being treated in intensive care. 1,688 (56 percent) of these are invasively ventilated. More about this here.

• Covid-19 emergency clinic in Berlin remains
The reserve hospital in the exhibition halls will remain until massive vaccination against the corona virus is possible. Here you can read more about the clinic.

• Merkel offers the US more commitment to security
“We Germans and we Europeans know that in this partnership we have to take more of our own responsibility in the 21st century,” said Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU). Read here how Merkel wants to improve relations with the US.

• Living in Berlin is becoming more expensive
Newly built apartments in Berlin cost 12.25 to 14 euros per square meter of rent. Anyone who wants to buy pays about 3,150 euros per square meter, the IVD Association reports. More about the developments here.

What was discussed?

Protesters at the event “lateral thinking” in Leipzig Photo: imago images / opokupix

• Escalation of “Silkker” Demo in Leipzig – Politicians must finally wake up: Another corona demonstration escalates, again the police are overwhelmed. There is no strategy against the radicalized movement. Read Julius Geiler’s comment here.

• Collateral damage in Corona times – children grow fat, elderly lonely: why young people are excluded from club sports is a mystery. But anyone could go out if they overcome the laziness. Read the column by Werner van Bebber here.

• Martenstein on the US election – a bad omen for the Democrats: it was enough for Joe Biden. But Trump did better than expected. And that is also due to the identity politics of the Democrats. Read Harald Martenstein’s (T +) column here.

What reading recommendations are there for today?

• “We don’t just have a party in our mind”: Deputy Greens leader Ricarda Lang and FDP politician Ria Schröder on being young in times of Corona, a promise of a new generation – and the desire for outrage. Read the double interview here.

• America’s Populist Revolution – The foundations of Trumpism were razed to the ground 40 years ago: defamation and abuse have been socially acceptable in the US since Ronald Reagan. Today some believe everything and others believe nothing anymore. Is there a way out? Read the analysis here.

• Why do children become murderers? Keira was 14 and her murderer was 15. In 2019, more than 500 young people were suspected of murdering someone else. Reviewers know why. Read Katja Füchsel’s report here.

What can we do?

Food: Little Effort, Lots of Fun – Simple Recipe Ideas from our Editors. Today there is salad with roasted pumpkin and stilton. The whole recipe here.

Movement: Partial lockdown, cold, darkness – these are the current demands that unfortunately encourage too little movement. But we want to encourage you to move. We talked about this with a personal trainer and give you some fitness tips.

Ordering: The lockdown forces restaurants to focus on the “to go” activities. Many supermarkets and start-ups also supply fresh food. An overview here (T +).

What do I need to know for tomorrow?

German Islam Conference: On Tuesday, the videoconference will open with a speech by Federal Interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU) on “training religious personnel in Islamic communities”. Parts of the conference will be broadcast live on

Number of the day

100 urgent applications against the current corona rules have been submitted to the Berlin Administrative Court. A lot of restaurateurs. And according to the court, a decision is “imminent”. More about this in our news blog about the corona development in Berlin.

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