How do brands use press releases around the world?

Out of date for some, out of date for others, the press release remains one of the most important means for companies to communicate with journalists about an event, product launch, or fundraiser. To better define it and understand its uses, Cision offers its 2020 report, which introduces the uses of the press release.

COVID-19 and press release, what impact?

With its software suite that offers tools for media work, media monitoring and media research, Cision is an important global player for companies.

More than 100,000 press releases were analyzed between June 2019 and June 2020 to produce this report. An interesting period that takes into account the global COVID-19 crisis, which is having a significant impact on all communication companies.

Unsurprisingly, the number of press releases on COVID-19 increased between February and April. No wonder, because employees and customers expected brands to take action during the crisis.

Due to the further development over time, ie in March / June, the topics of the press releases have developed further. So they talked less about upcoming events (compared to 2019) and more about public safety or even corporate social responsibility. The press release thus reveals, in its use, the evolution of the themes, approaches or tone of communication of the brands in 2020. So leave the practical information in this particular period, the brands and their values, their commitment and their inclusion in their economic and the social environment were placed at the center of communication.


A report that gives high priority to good practice

When should a press release be sent?

This is kind of a question everyone is asking. There is no right or wrong answer to the latter, but a certain tendency. Usually press releases are sent out Monday through Thursday at 8:00 a.m. That doesn’t mean the time is right! It is therefore interesting to distinguish yourself by sending a press release at a different time, for example 10:17 a.m. The idea is to avoid peak times in journalists’ inboxes!

Details on how to send a press release

When writing your press release, it is important to put yourself in the shoes of the reader. The latter reads the CP on a mobile phone, computer or tablet. The content must therefore be adapted to each device. Additionally, adding multiple images allows for maximizing engagement with the CP, as the Cision study points out. The average time it takes to read a press release is 3 minutes and 39 seconds. It is therefore not necessary to carry out a CP expansion. Minimum? Most personal computers are at least 400 words long.

What should be checked before sending?

Within Cision, an editorial team is responsible for proofreading customer communications to ensure the quality and accuracy of the distribution. Among the most common mistakes we find we find: Hypertext link problems or misspellings (40,000 detected) …

Download Cision’s 2020 report on Press Release Usage to find out the other mistakes, average length of a PR, correct length of a headline, or the action verbs in it.


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