Luxshare could make the iPhone 12 mini much sooner than expected

Is Apple (already) in the process of compensating Pegatron’s suspension for labor code violations in China? Anyway, Luxshare, which has already been programmed into the iPhone supply chain by Apple, could produce the iPhone 12 mini much earlier than originally planned. The Apple Watch and AirPods assembler is set to prepare to make Apple’s tiny iPhones in a factory that was recently purchased by Wistron for $ 500 million. According to several Luxshare employees who have entrusted themselves to Nikkei Asia, production has even started … while the deal between Luxshare and Wistron is not yet fully completed!

Luxshare starts production of iPhone 12 mini

The information is important: not only was it expected that Luxshare would not start producing iPhone anytime soon, but the assembler was originally chosen to make previous generation iPhones (e.g. iPhone 11). and not newer models. Luxshare would now be responsible for around 20% of the total production of the iPhone 12 mini. sufficient to meet demand?

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