[Keynote] Apple introduces M1, Apple’s new processor for Macs

Before the introduction of the first Mac “Apple Silicon”, Apple handed over the chip cut for computers to Apple in detail. Johny Srouji personally unveiled the M1, the official and definitive name of Apple Silicon. The monster, engraved in 5 nm, has 8 CPU cores and 8 GPU cores for 16 billion transistors. 4 CPU cores are intended for pure perfs, and 4 others for tasks that require less consumption (but are often more constant).

Unsurprisingly, Apple is announcing performance records per watt, 75% less consumption than competing processors … for twice the performance. The same goes for the GPU, which peaks at 2.7 teraflops (that’s more than a PS4 or Xbox One) and whose consumption is always limited for such a commotion. The M1 also includes a neural engine for AI calculations and its own secure enclave. Strong the presentation of the Mac under the M1 processor!

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