Final Fantasy IV finally reaches the age of “modern” iPhones and offers the long-start cutscene (update)

Good things come to those who wait. Final Fantasy IV (App Store Link – 16.99 euros – iPhone / iPad), one of the best works in the franchise (with VI and VII), has finally been updated for “modern” iPhones (from iPhone X for short). The picture now takes up the entire screen of an iPhone X, 11 or 12, and to top the pixel off, the long and excellent opening film is finally available in this iOS version!

Final Fantasy IV is the first FF to benefit from the Active Time Battle (ATB) combat system. In its mobile version, it offers high-resolution graphics (don’t expect miracles), a revised user interface, new dubbing and a few small additional improvements such as the jukebox function, with which you can listen to the music of the game at any time. An absolute must for all JRPG enthusiasts.

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