The carbon footprint of corporate car politicians: Audi von Giffey is the largest pollution economy

From Deutsche Umwelthilfe’s point of view, the company cars of top politicians in federal and state governments are still not sufficiently ecological and climatic. The organization published its annual “Company Car Check” in Berlin on Wednesday.

The climate balance is therefore even slightly worse than last year. However, the report is based on assumptions about driving behavior that cannot be demonstrated in individual cases.

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Umwelthilfe regularly evaluates politicians’ official cars at the federal and state levels for environmental compatibility. This year, data for 235 company cars from 240 politicians are used. If politicians have more than one company car, the car with the highest CO2 emissions was evaluated.

Environmental support has criticized in particular the increased share of so-called plug-in hybrids – ie cars powered by both fuel and electric propulsion. These are “real arsonists” who look ecologically only on paper.

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The official cars of all federal ministers received a red card. You would not even come close to complying with the limits of the EU fleet, writes environmental support. The worst happened to the Audi A8 from the Federal Minister for the Family, Franziska Giffey (SPD). According to environmental aid, it emits 286 grams of CO2 per kilometer. This is three times the fleet limit exceeded.

Fifteen purely electric cars were evaluated positively, such as cars powered by Baden-Württemberg Minister of the Environment Franz Untersteller or Berlin Environment Senator Regine Günther (both green). According to the report, only seven out of 235 vehicles produce less than 95 grams of CO2 per kilometer when operating on the road – the fleet limit for new vehicles that EU manufacturers must comply with from January.

Umwelthilfe demands that all top politicians switch to lower CO2 cars to set a good example. For information on “real” CO2 emissions, environmental aid is based on a study by the International Transport Council (ICCT), which examined greenhouse gas emissions from cars on the roads.

This sometimes differs significantly from the manufacturer’s data, but it also depends on the driver’s behavior and equipment. Since 2019, DUH has used the CO2 content of the German electricity mixture for electric cars. (dpa / Tsp)

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