Fruit Ninja 2 Returns to Slice Fruit on iOS (App Store Version)

Fruit Ninja was one of the first big hits on the App Store. The simple and addicting gameplay did not prevent a certain degree of skill. The much copied (and often poorly imitated) cult game from Halfbrick Studios is finally entitled to a successor, not surprisingly Fruit Ninja 2 (App Store link – Free – iPhone / iPad). The novelties can mainly be summarized in 4 points: nice graphics (especially with combos), chaotic mini-games, a little micro-farming and free game mechanics to make you want to cut a zucchini into four parts!

In addition, you need to know more about it.

The multiplayer aspect is ubiquitous (leagues, arenas), as is the avalanche of collectible items (legendary blades, characters, ridicule to troll the opponent). Incidentally, the gameplay doesn’t vary a bit and is always so sharp. Was such a sequel really necessary, given its (very) accepted free-to-play orientation? Not sure…

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