On his 80th birthday: Todenhöfer resigns from the CDU and establishes his own party: politics

Jürgen Todenhöfer, a member of the Bundestag for years, has resigned from the CDU. His office said he wanted to start a new party on Thursday for his 80th birthday. On Thursday evening he organized a meeting at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, where about 200 people attended

Todenhöfer justified his decision in particular with the deployment of the Bundeswehr abroad, which he firmly rejects. The CDU is “just a caricature of itself”, its “economic competence has faded, its commitment to world peace is a thing of the past”. The goal of its founding party is now a “nonviolent humanist revolution”.

He wanted to work for a “fairer” policy, Todenhöfer explains. Large donations to political parties should be banned and racism fought harder. The “Team Todenhöfer” wants to participate in the Bundestag elections with very young candidates and many women.

Todenhöfer was a member of the CDU for 50 years. From 1972 to 1990 he was a member of the Bundestag, including as spokesman for development policy and disarmament policy for the Union. He was also active as a media entrepreneur, including for 22 years as Deputy Chairman of the Burda Group.

Todenhöfer was best known for his travels to Afghanistan – also during the Soviet occupation – and to Arab countries, including areas of the Islamic State’s jihadist militia. He wrote several books on the Near and Middle East, but his theses were often controversial.

The name of the new party is projected onto the Brandenburg Gate. Photo: dpa / Jörg Carstensen

His book, published in 2019, is entitled “The great hypocrisy. How politics and media reveal our values ​​”.

When asked about his age, the 80-year-old told the Funke newspapers: “I play football every week, climb the highest mountains in South Tyrol and at the end of his term I am still six years younger than Chancellor Konrad. Adenauer. ” Besides him, there should be mostly young activists, it will be the “most youthful and most feminine party”. (AFP, dpa)

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