Post-US election: Official electoral authority contradicts Trump’s fraud claims – political

Catholic Biden is on the phone with Pope Francis

According to his team, elected US President Joe Biden expressed a desire for cooperation on Thursday in a telephone conversation with Pope Francis. At the same time, the politician thanked the head of the Church for the blessings and for his commitment to peace and reconciliation around the world.

Biden stressed that he would like to work with the Pope and the Church “on the basis of a common belief in the dignity and equality of all humanity.” This applies to work for the poor and people on the margins, to dealing with climate change and to the reception and integration of immigrants and refugees.

Joe Biden, sworn in on January 20, would be the second Catholic to move into the White House after President John F. Kennedy. So far, however, incumbent US President Donald Trump has not admitted his electoral defeat. Republican lawyers want to contest election results in individual states, but many experts believe this is hopeless.

So far, the Vatican has not officially congratulated Biden, even though the Vatican media calls Biden the “elected president”. As a rule, an official statement from the Holy See is only expected upon taking office, with official acknowledgment of Trump’s electoral defeat at the earliest. (KNA)

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