“Increasingly cult-like”: Söder compares “lateral thinkers” with “Reichsburgers” – politics

From the point of view of Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), constitutional protection should deal more intensively with the demonstrators of “silk cherry”. “In Germany we initially underestimated the citizens of the Reich and then experienced how a completely absurd idea can pose a serious threat to the state and life,” he told the “Münchner Merkur”.

He added, “I have an uncomfortable feeling that something similar is looming in some lateral thinkers.” So-called Reichsburgers deny the basic law and the legitimacy of the German authorities. Sometimes they are expected to be willing to use force.

For the head of government, the movement around the opponents of the corona measures is developing “increasingly cult-like”, with “isolation of arguments” and “radicalization in bubbles”.

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“Do you want a total lockdown?” Berlin prosecutor in demos of lateral thinking and close to the citizens of the Reich

Julius Geiler Alexander Fröhlich

“Everyone has to look carefully with whom they are demonstrating,” warned Söder. “A growing conglomeration of right-wing extremists, empire citizens, anti-Semites and absurd conspiracy theorists is developing, who even accuse politicians of Satanism.” (Dpa)

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