Biden excluded from briefings: Republican senator wants to smuggle classified information through Trump politics

After being voted out as president of the United States, Donald Trump tries to make the life of his successor Joe Biden difficult where possible.

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After filing lawsuits against the counting of votes already cast, organizing mass events to incite his supporters against alleged violations of the law and the usual interference on Twitter, he is now doing the following: According to a report of the Washington Post, Trump has done the same. Senior government officials are ordered to deliberately block cooperation with President-elect Joe Biden’s transition team.

The main focus is on access to the Presidential Briefing, a compendium of the latest government intelligence. Biden has no legal claim to this. However, this approach of elected presidents against their successors has been common since at least 1968.

Republican Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma has now issued an ultimatum to Trump. Lankford plans to intervene in Biden’s favor if the government does not allow the president-elect to have access to the daily Secret Service meetings before Friday.

“It doesn’t hurt to receive the briefings,” Lankford told radio station KRMG. He added that he was a member of the Senate oversight committee and had already dealt with the matter in that capacity.

When in doubt, Lankford apparently wants to smuggle Secret Service intelligence past Trump and provide Biden himself. The Oklahoma Republican said he would step in if necessary. His reasoning: “This must be done so that regardless of the outcome of the election, however, someone is ready for the actual task.” This means the job of the US president.

There is currently a growing concern in the United States that Trump’s refusal to recognize the election will jeopardize US national security. The background to this is that the new government may not be sufficiently prepared for the current threats. The “New York Times” assumes this is already the case. Especially since Biden has been banned from Presidential Briefings.

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So far, Biden can only access this if the Trump administration recognizes the election. The current president will not do this until the General Services Administration (GSA) confirms the election. And Trump-appointed GSA chief Emily Murphy is refusing to sign papers giving his team access to officials and agency information. And so Biden’s team is further rejected.

In fact, the officers had already prepared transfer briefings for Biden’s people and even set up their own offices. “We were told, ignore the media, wait for it to officially come off the government,” a senior administrative official told the Washington Post.

The formal exchange between employees of the outgoing and future government, which has otherwise been common for decades, does not take place. All formal briefings on projects, budgets, problem areas or just day-to-day affairs with the authorities have been canceled. With this, Trump is actively hindering the takeover of power.

The associated uncertainties are likely to have a negative impact on the US economy. In addition, dealing with the coronavirus crisis is being made more difficult, which is currently gaining attention due to the possible spread of a coronavirus vaccine.

Specifically, Biden’s team is denied access to the “Presidential Briefing”:

Access to the so-called $ 10 million transition allowance. Biden should actually get 6.3 million. Participation in State Department meetings with foreign heads of state or government Access to intelligence information, such as the CIA Full protection from the Secret Service: Biden receives some protection as a former vice president. In addition, in response to the election results, the Secret Service has now set up an extensive no-fly zone above Biden’s Delaware home. But currently, he is denied targeted and highly complex protections by the Presidential Protection Division, which was granted to elected presidents prior to their inauguration. Australian artist Scott Marsh caricature Donald Trump Photo: Loren Elliott / REUTERS

According to the Washington Post, Biden is now considering taking legal action against Trump’s pro-lawsuit in the US. The legal options against Trump’s tactic to delay the transfer would be explored, it is said. The Democratic team has apparently been preparing for weeks for the possibility that Trump would by no means promote a peaceful transfer of power.

But now, according to media reports, Biden’s people seem increasingly concerned about the transfer being dragged out and actively hindered. After all, according to reports in the US media, senior political aides on Trump’s behalf have specifically instructed their officials to block all requests from the Biden team to cooperate.

The Democratic team is now using its own contingency plan. This means that senior officials who have already left the authorities should be asked to use their knowledge to speed up the transition to a new government and thus facilitate the transition to a new government: 78-year-old political warrior Biden relies on the help from other Capitol Hill veterans.

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