Into the winter without a plan: “Pinch your butt” – is that really the German Corona strategy? – Politics

After all, the goal is now clear: the Chancellor formulated it on Thursday in a citizens’ dialogue. The current shutdown will end when the incidence falls back below 50 per 100,000 residents within seven days. It was not clear whether this applies to all of Germany or to individual districts – there are currently only about 20 under the threshold.

But it can be assumed that Angela Merkel, in her role as head of government, means all of Germany. Its current value: 157. It is therefore unlikely that the closing will end on December 1.

What Angela Merkel again did not talk about and what is still not clear: what happens after the closure, when it ends?

RKI boss Lothar Wieler also said on Thursday that we “should squeeze our butt for a few more months”. Wieler probably formulated quite involuntarily the current state of affairs of the policy planning until the spring.

Given the statement, one can certainly ask, “Squeeze your butt” – is that really the German corona strategy? And: is that enough?

There is also criticism of the ruling parties

After all, the opposition has been criticizing the lack of a plan for several weeks. There is also rumble in the government parties – at least a little. The deputy chairman of the Union’s parliamentary group in the Bundestag, Carsten Linnemann, called for a long-term strategy to weather the crisis on Friday.

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The problem has long been clear: schools are still not prepared for digital learning, the Corona app is lagging behind, health authorities are still insufficiently prepared for the pandemic; the transmission of positive test data to the authorities is not sufficiently digitized and is therefore slow. And keyword testing strategy: Even weeks after the entry into force of the new testing regulation, the quick tests are not yet widely available.

After all: plans for the distribution of vaccines are underway

In addition, an American study has now identified restaurants, fitness studios, cafes and hotels as drivers of the pandemic. The questions here: How can these places really be served corona-safe? Are current hygiene concepts sufficient?

At least one could object: the planning for the distribution of a vaccine is already well underway. That gives hope that everything will run smoothly when the first ampoules are delivered. The downside here: the vaccine will not replace a medium-term strategy. Simply because it will take many months for a large part of the population to be vaccinated

Rather than having a public debate about the right strategy after the current shutdown, the government is trying to save time with a lot of money. In November, the affected sectors are largely compensated for the loss of sales. According to Treasury Secretary Olaf Scholz, the federal government could probably implement such a program for a few more months.

It’s good to know – if it’s really necessary; Political decision-makers should also enter the public debate on this.

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