“Afraid of a black man in the White House”: Obama sees himself as a trigger for radicalization of Republican politics

According to ex-president Barack Obama, the polarization of American politics was given a decisive impetus with his election in 2008. Since then, anti-liberal currents in the Republican Party have increased, Obama said in a new installment of his memoir, due out next Tuesday, after a pre-announcement on CNN TV station Thursday.

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“It was as if my presence in the White House had only unleashed a deep-seated panic, an idea that had disrupted the natural order,” Obama wrote according to CNN.

That is why his successor Donald Trump began to claim that he was not born in the United States and therefore was not a legitimate president. “Millions of Americans terrified of a black man in the White House promised a cure for their racist fears.”

In his book, the ex-president repeatedly deals with developments in the Republican Party during his eight-year term.

From Obama’s standpoint, a defining moment was the nomination of Sarah Palin as a candidate for vice president by then-defeated Republican presidential candidate John McCain: – Xenophobia, anti-intellectualism, paranoid conspiracy theories, an antipathy against blacks and tanning – would find their way to the main stage. “

At the same time, Obama made serious allegations against the Republicans, who continue to support the incumbent despite Trump’s election defeat. More than the baseless allegations of election fraud, he worries that other Republicans are participating against their better judgment, Obama said in the pre-published book excerpts, according to the TV station CBS.

“It is the next step to deny legitimacy not only to the new Biden government, but also to democracy as a whole. And that is a dangerous path. “

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Trump has not yet admitted his defeat to Democrat Joe Biden and presents himself as a victim of systematic electoral fraud, although there is no evidence of this. Commenting on Trump’s claims, Obama said, “Part of it seems to be because the president doesn’t like losses and never admits to being defeated.”

So far, few Republicans have publicly acknowledged Biden as the winner. Rather, the party’s leaders – such as Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell – are backing Trump’s attempts to challenge Biden’s victory.

In Obama’s 768-page book, A Promised Land, he briefly reviews his youth and political progress before giving a detailed account of the 2008 election campaign and the first four years in office. Obama has already written two books about his life – “Dream from My Father” (1995) and “The Audacity of Hope” (2006). (dpa)

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