iPad: Canalys confirms Apple’s dominance in the tablet market

Canalys released its tiny calculator to help count the number of iPads sold in the third quarter of 2020. The numbers are enough to make the competition dizzy. For example, Apple could have sold 15.2 million iPads in the reporting period, which corresponds to sales growth of 47% over a year. Incidentally, this estimate strongly contradicts the estimates of IDC (generally not very beneficial for Apple), which in turn saw growth of 17%, sales of 13.9 million units and a Pdm in expected decline (from 31.1% to 29 , 2% in the quarter). For Canalys, however, the iPad now takes up 34.5% of the world market.

The Samsung Galaxy Tabs are in second place in terms of sales (9 million tablets and 20.4% Pdm for a growth of 79.8%), followed by Huawei Slates (5.1 million units for 11.5% of Pdm), Amazon (5 million for 11.3% of Pdm) and Lenovo (4.2 million for 9.1% of Pdm). Apple also ranks second among computer manufacturers. Canalys combines computers and tablets in the same category (personal computers). The 22 million units sold by Apple therefore correspond to the 15.2 million iPads + 6.9 million Macs.

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