MacBook Air M1: The SSD is twice faster than the old one

All LEDs for the M1 chip on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini are green. In addition to outperforming Intel Macs, there’s better storage. The SSD of the MacBook Air M1 is twice as fast as that of the previous model.

Apple shipped the first Mac M1 and this is an opportunity to do user testing. One of them tested the speed of the SSD. The write speed of the SSD on the MacBook Air M1 is 2.19 Gbit / s. That is 2.68 Gbit / s for the read speed. In comparison, the MacBook Air 2019 achieves 1 Gbit / s or 1.32 Gbit / s. There was also a bit of controversy on the subject. In fact, the speed of the 2019 MacBook Air’s SSD was slower than that of the 2018 MacBook Air. Fortunately, Apple is climbing again with the new model with the M1 chip.

This gain enables faster treatment at all levels. This could be data transfer, application launch time, and more. And as Apple points out, the SSD isn’t everything. Indeed, the memory control of the M1 chip plays a role in the speed gain.

What about the speed for the SSD on the MacBook Pro M1 and Mac mini M1? She is not known at the moment. However, we suspect that the tests will take place during the day.

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