How can you successfully manage change in 10 key points?

Any organization leading a transformation (digital, organizational or even structural) faces three main obstacles:

Resistance to change within teams Lack of employee buy-in Difficulty in measuring project results

To successfully solve these major problems, change management is an essential process that must be performed with a masterful hand.

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Performing large internal transformations shouldn’t be a burden anymore

Are your teams struggling to familiarize themselves with new business processes?

Are your sales staff not making full use of all the functions of your CRM?

Would you like to set up a new intranet but don’t know where to start?

Unfortunately, your problems are very common. Indeed, digital transformation (or digitization) is not just a technological, IT or material process. It is a cultural change of the company that has to get rid of certain past habits and introduce new processes.

On the personnel side, these organizational shifts do not always go as planned: either due to a lack of understanding or a lack of pedagogy or a lack of participation.

In any case, involving every employee in the changes in the company is the key to a successful transition.

The good news regarding the fact that many companies (VSEs, SMBs, and Multinational Corporations) have and are still encountering these difficulties is that there are solutions, effective solutions that have been tested and approved for companies like yours.


A comprehensive, practical and innovative guide to finally master the pillars of change management

One of the greatest challenges for companies today is to develop skills and professions in the context of accelerated digitization. Will you make it

In this comprehensive, hands-on guide published by Lemon Learning, you’ll quickly and easily learn how to:

Diagnose changes to better understand them. Support, communicate and train (the triptych of change management). Provide tools and manage your change management in a tangible way

Certain elements are fundamentals that no company can do without without risking failure: a solid methodology, appropriate communication, support at all times, a real and sincere listening ability or even a real effort of interacting with the company employees.

Get all the keys so that leading change is no longer a constraint but a fluid action. You have all the cards at hand to succeed and transform your organization according to your needs. To do this, download this free whitepaper published by the specialist in software implementation and change management in France, Lemon Learning!


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