No, the A16 and the M3 will (probably) not be engraved in 4 nm in 2022

The Trendforce site confirms this in a very extensive study by force (hum …): In 2022 Apple will equip its iPhones with A16 processors that are engraved in 4 nm, which means that the Apple Silicon M3 will also have this finesse should be made engraving. This forecast is not based on facts or “TSMC logistics-related sources” and for good reason: It is (very likely) wrong.

In fact, TSMC has already released a large part of its roadmap for 2023, and the latter is absolutely not following Trendforce’s claims. The Ax chips will stay at 5 nm in 2021 (N5P development), a stability over two years (2020-2021) that is common at Apple. Regarding 2022, TSMC is targeting 3nm instead of 4nm as the founder announced a few days ago that 2nm will be ready for mass production from 2024.

There’s an even greater chance the A16 is in 3nm that TSMC is generally quite conservative in its roadmaps. In other words, the founder is far more often ahead than behind in his future achievements in engraving finesse.

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