the new lobby of the electric car industry

A total of 28 companies come together to form ZETA for the Zero Emission Transportation Association, the new lobby for the electric car industry. Your goal? Make sure all vehicles sold in the US are electric within the next decade by creating the ideal economic, social, and political environment.

ZETA: a world first

Will 100% of cars sold in the US by 2030 be electric? In any case, this is the market giants’ bet. Tesla, Uber, Rivian, Siemens, Ioneer, and 23 other companies join forces to create the first lobby for the electric car industry. A world first designed to accelerate the development and sale of zero-emission vehicles. ZETA, the name of this lobby, is already recommending five political strategies to promote sales of electric vehicles over the next ten years. The group’s mission is to put pressure on consumers to be encouraged to buy an electric vehicle. Because yes, electric vehicles are really less harmful to the environment than heated vehicles.

In the same category

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To this end, lobbyists support strict standards, improve the infrastructure, and build charging stations everywhere. Eventually, national production will accelerate in the coming months and ZETA will do everything it can to get the government to support research and development in this industry, which is still in its infancy. In the USA, as in France, consumers already have a government boom of around 7,000 euros. In Uncle Sam’s land, it’s a program that dates back to 2009 under the Barack Obama presidency. In the meantime, Donald Trump has taken steps to eliminate this tax credit. Tesla struggled to keep it alone.

An opposition from historical builders?

This type of fight can be carried out much more efficiently with several people thanks to the ZETA. Future President Joe Biden has already presented a program that will align with many of the lobby’s goals. For example, he plans to create a million new jobs in the American auto industry and, most importantly, to switch all public transport in the country to electricity by 2035. Donald Trump’s successor also supports the Democratic, Senate’s plan, which is to ensure that all vehicles in circulation will be zero emissions by 2040. Good news for this major polluter.

We find the “historic” automakers are absent. You did not choose to take part in this struggle that is so important for the future of our planet. ZETA will most likely have to compete with the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a lobby that is supported by all major automobile manufacturers. This advocacy group is controversial for trying to play it both ways, including taking part in Donald Trump’s battle against the state of California for its stricter emissions regulations.

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