You can use this tool to design typographic logos for free

Nowadays, the majority of businesses have a typographic logo which is a logo that uses typography to usually write the brand name. The best known include Uber, Google and Adidas. Here, the brand values ​​are not conveyed by a pictogram or a symbol, but by carefully selected typography.

For those starting a business and working on the logo, tools are available to easily create logos. This is particularly the case with Free Typography Logo Maker, a tool developed by Formito, a widget for integrating a chatbot into a website to convert visitors into customers. With Free Typography Logo Maker, you can design a typographic logo for free using an intuitive tool.

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Create a logo for free

The tool looks like this.

An easy to learn editor that you need to paste some text into. Then all you have to do is choose the font, size and boldness of the font and finally change the font color if necessary. Once the logo has been created, it can be downloaded in SVG or PNG format.

When choosing fonts, you can choose from the most popular fonts from the biggest brands. The logo is available in two versions: a light and a dark version.

The current tool should remain as such for the time being. However, additional functions can be added, e.g. E.g. uploading your own font, adding a symbol on the sides, letter spacing or even changing the color of each character.

An easy to use tool that allows you to quickly create a relevant logo for your business!

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