Digital railway from Schöneberg: The train goes to Gasometer – Economy

Deutsche Bahn is concentrating its digital business on an industrial monument. The group functions of the “digital railway” with 1700 employees are expected to move to the Gasometer on the Euref campus in mid-2023; in the long run, it could even be 2,000. A 15-year lease was signed, as Tagesspiegel learned in political circles. Now only the gas meter needs to be removed. But even there, it works in the spirit of Euref owner Reinhard Müller: With regard to the workplace of the Senate’s responsible administration for the economy, culture and urban development, they overlook concerns about the protection of monuments and allow the gas meter required by Müller to be extended.

Monument protection overruled

On the ground floor, where there is still Jauch’s dome named after the talk show host, a 16-meter-high event center is to be built. After that, twelve floors will be built on the next six fields and finally a public roof terrace. Müller wants to leave only one vacancy upstairs, conservationists beg for two so that the colossus is not so dominant on the cityscape. “Higher development is not compatible with historical monuments,” Tagesspiegel told state curator Christoph Rauhut in the summer. Müller had already applied for construction in March and has always insisted on development, except for one ring. “I won’t build the building unless it turns out the way I want.”

The train is ready on site

This property is 110 years old and is 78 meters high and is an excellent landmark between Schöneberg Town Hall and Südkreuz Train Station. By expanding the gas meter, Müller can also sell 35,000 square meters of office space. This is the last construction project on a five-hectare plot of land, which was bought from Gasag about 12 years ago by an architect from Krefeld Müller for little money and then turned into a place for energy transformation as the “European Energy Forum (Euref)”. Including Gasag and Gasag-Netzgesellschaft, which will move to new on-site buildings in 2021, approximately 5,000 people will then work on the site. It also includes a good 1,000 employees in Deutsche Bahn’s engineering and consulting department, who have been on site for a long time.

Tesla won’t come yet

In the summer, Mueller was told that Tesla wanted to move to Gasometer with its European development and design center. It was a duck. Carmaker Elona Muska has other priorities right now. In the USA, investment decisions are pending and the question of when which battery cells will be built in Grünheide is still open.

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