The Washington Post accuses Apple of failing to fight Uighur forced labor in China

The scandal is now repeating itself: China is forcing members of the Uighur community to work for its mega-factories. Several large tech companies (including Apple) would have benefited from this almost enslaved workforce. Apple publicly communicates against its actions but would not really reconcile its actions with these beautiful words. According to the Washington Post, Apple is actually campaigning to “water down” the law to prevent forced labor in Uyghurs. This proposed US law would merely prohibit US companies from partnering with Chinese companies that exploit Uyghurs in the Xinjiang region. In particular, the text provides that companies who violate the law can be prosecuted.

Behind the scenes, Apple would fail to meet its supplier labor conditions commitments

The Washington Post claims today that Apple is actually working behind the scenes to water down this bill before a vote in parliament. Two members of the US Congress as well as the director of the international division of the AFL-CIO (support of the text) confirmed to the famous newspaper that the Californian would try to limit the effect of the most restrictive articles on the polluted companies. In response to these allegations, an Apple spokesman was satisfied with an almost surrealistic statement: “We reject forced labor and support the goals of the law to prevent the forced labor of Uyghurs.” .

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