How to identify music from your iPhone with a single click

When the Shazam application is extremely handy for identifying the title of a piece of music that’s playing on the radio or at a party, it often happens that the music has already changed by the time you look for it and open it. To make life easier for users, Apple decided to offer them the option to add a shortcut button in their control center on iPhone and iPad. We explain the procedure for enabling this feature, which has been available since version 14.2 of iOS.

A shortcut to identify music with a simple gesture

To enable the Shazam button in your control center, first go to the “Settings” of your device and then to the “Control Center” menu.

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You will then need to scroll through all of the options offered until you see the Other Commands window. You will then need to click the + button in front of the Song Detection option to enable the Shazam button in your control center. Once all of these steps are done, it should appear automatically. It should also be noted that it is not necessary to have the Shazam application previously installed on your device in order to use this feature.

Apple lists other ways on its website to easily identify music from your Apple devices. For example, you can use an iPhone or iPad to activate Siri with voice control and ask him for the title of the song that is currently playing. You can also just say “Hey Siri, Shazam this song” on HomePod to identify it for you. Apple also states that Shazam has also been available since the Apple Watch.

Shazam, owned by Apple since 2018

In 2018, Apple bought Shazam for $ 400 million. Very soon after the European Commission validated this acquisition, the company at Apple began making significant changes to the music recognition service, the first of which was the end of advertising. It wasn’t until the end of 2020 that Cupertino (finally) created greater synergies between their devices and Shazam to improve the user experience … But it’s better late than never.

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