HomePod mini: Wi-Fi problems for some

Some users with a HomePod mini report problems with Wi-Fi stability. The speaker is suddenly disconnected from the internet for no apparent reason. As a reminder, the HomePod mini has been available since November 16.

User references on the Apple and Reddit forums report an internet connection for the little speaker. HomePod mini is having problems connecting to Wi-Fi and Siri says, “I’m having problems connecting to the internet.” Those who have the original HomePod (the one for $ 329) say there isn’t a particular problem. Proof that the problem is with the HomePod mini and not with the connection.

The temporary solution to Wi-Fi problems is to restart the HomePod mini or reset it completely. This works for some users … until Siri says the message again.

The HomePod mini continues to work with the direct connection. You can play music on your iPhone and transfer it to the speaker. However, anything that relies on the internet (like Siri) runs in a vacuum.

Apple has not yet made a public comment regarding this Wi-Fi issue with the HomePod mini. We just have to hope that the manufacturer is aware of this and will offer an update soon.

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