Waze available in beta on the CarPlay dashboard

Waze supports the dashboard function with CarPlay. Assistance is already available to users with the GPS beta commentary. It will be there for everyone soon.

CarPlay’s dashboard function was introduced last year with iOS 13. It was originally only available for Apple’s Maps app. Apple added third-party app support with iOS 13.4 last March. Google Maps, Waze and others can therefore use the new ad.

With the dashboard on CarPlay there is Waze on the left, GPS directions in the upper right and an app in the lower right. It can be phone, music, or something else. The driver can therefore control the essentials from a single room. You don’t have to go back and forth between each application.

Waze is owned by Google, which spent $ 1 billion on the acquisition in 2013. Google Maps has been offering the dashboard on CarPlay since August. So we may be surprised that Waze isn’t on that point yet. But at least we know it’s in the works.

Waze has not yet formalized this support. The service contacted by The Verge refuses to comment for the time being.

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