Reduce Ideanote, the idea management platform for more than 20,000 companies, by 98%

In order to generate growth, it is necessary to draw on the intelligence, the feedback and the vision of employees, partners and customers in order to gain relevant insights. The problem lies in structuring and creating favorable conditions for the exercise.

Acclaimed by thousands of companies, Ideanote allows you to create a workspace within the company to gather ideas, engage the right people, and measure the impact. The tool makes it possible to start a “collection” of ideas on a question such as “How can the onboarding of new employees be improved?”. or “How do I collect positive customer reviews? “. Marketing, HR, sales, research and development, regardless of the service, each service has its own dashboard for its questions.

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As soon as the question has been asked, all you have to do is invite those affected by email or a direct link to discuss this idea (usually everyone involved in a project or department °).

Enjoy 98% discount on Ideanote

When we look at how the process works around an idea. Every mission / idea has its own page. Users can submit ideas to answer the problem and evaluate / add to those of other employees.

Ideanote provides a project management tool (in Kanban form) that won’t get you disoriented when using Trello. Everything is customizable and allows an idea to move forward with enrichment at the same time.

The solution is also a great lever for employee engagement as it offers an entire gamification system (with a Hall of Fames section with leaderboards linked to posts).

On the price side, the funding is substantial:

– $ 59 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 2,988. For this price you can add 20 users, customize dashboards, collect 200 ideas at once, etc.
– $ 118 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 3,286 with 40 users and unlimited ideas.
– $ 177 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 3,615 for 60 users.

Take advantage of the Black Friday offer on Ideanote

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