Black Friday: – 80% on Happy Scribe, the video and audio transcription and subtitling software

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Podcast creators, journalists or marketing and communication specialists know it. Transcribing an audio or video file and generating subtitles is not easy. It’s long, painful, and I don’t know many people who believe they have great added value in surgery.

With the boom in new formats (we think of the podcast, but also anything to do with videos on social networks or even webinars / conferences), subtitles are becoming a necessity, while content can be used in the form of transcription written Increase visibility: For example a video interview whose transcribed remarks would enable a written version to be published.

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Some rely on interns, study, or call outside people on sites like Fiverr. However, there are technological solutions, although their performance varies and prices can sometimes be high.

The French startup Happy Scribe is one of the most famous platforms in recent months. The innovative speech recognition technology turns your audio recordings into transcriptions and adds subtitles to your videos. All you have to do is upload an audio or video file and the solution will do the rest!

The result can be downloaded in various formats such as Word or PDF. This export is quite interesting because the text is known to be important for referencing and using podcast or video content in the form of an article remains a good way to make it visible.

Take advantage of the -80% offer for Black Friday On the subtitle page, Happy Scribe has an ergonomic and user-friendly interactive editor. The tool automatically creates precise and readable subtitles that you can easily revise. The solution is more than a tool that creates a subtitle file. Its algorithm analyzes the syntax and structure of the sentence in order to break the subtitle part at the most appropriate time. This is one of the software’s strengths.

Finally, the user can customize the color, font and style of the subtitles to exactly match the brand’s personality.

In addition, the speech recognition technology is multilingual. Are you conducting an interview in a language other than your own? No problem, Happy Scribe recognizes over 120 languages ​​and accents.

Enjoy 80% off Happy Scribe with Black Friday to remove a thorn in your side and focus on creating audio and video content!

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