Amazon is laying off employees from the Amazon Prime Air division

Last year, Amazon presented us with its new drone for the delivery of orders. Last September, Amazon Prime Air received FAA approval to deploy its new air delivery service. But while the American giant is looking for partners to devote to this service, there has been reportedly a wave of layoffs internally. Specifically, this means that the company is in favor of continuing its work and researching this new service with external partners.

Amazon is reorganizing its air freight department

According to the Financial Times, a company spokesman has confirmed that Amazon is currently questioning the organization of its drone delivery department. In fact, the person told the media that he was “reorganizing a small team within our largest division, Prime Air, to better serve the needs of our customers and the company”. While we don’t currently know how many people have been laid off from the company, we do know that the workforce on the research and development teams and those responsible for manufacturing have been reduced.

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This should give way to outside partners, both for the drone components required to manufacture them and for the research and development process required for this new activity. The companies FACC Aerospace and Aernnova Aerospace could in particular appear among the partners of the American company, as an exchange between the various parties has taken place in recent weeks.

Commercial drone delivery may take a few years …

Amazon has been working on the delivery of drones for a long time. It was tested in Belgium in 2018 and the American company even planned to land its drones on the company’s trucks in circulation. With its Amazon Prime Air division, the American giant wants to deliver parcels weighing up to 2-3 kilos by drone in less than 30 minutes, always within a radius of 12 km from the brand’s warehouse. However, this project may not be immediately successful. Despite the approval from the FAA a few weeks ago, the Amazon project wouldn’t be reliable enough to be accessible to the general public.

After all, Amazon has to be on its guard for the next few years. Several competitors seem interested and are entering an identical market. Specifically, Walmart will supply medical products through its partner Zipline. The same applies to UPS with CVS Pharmacy. Uber Eats is also starting to be interested in the concept and has already presented the prototype of its special drone.

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