You can use this extension to restore old Google symbols

At the end of the year there may be nostalgia, especially about life before! The life of the past is also made up of timeless symbols that have been modified for whatever reason (we know, for the sake of consistency, the current design). Today, when you search for Gmail or Drive on your smartphone or even your computer, some people are wasting time trying to find icons that have recently changed!

To avoid wasting time and having to change symbols, designer Claudio Postinghel offers a very practical extension. Google Icon Restore, as the name suggests, is a tool that allows you to use the old icons from applications from the Google suite, namely Gmail, Calendar, or even Google Meet. This extension is currently only available in Google Chrome, but should see the light of day in Firefox as well.

The tool to go back to old Google symbols

In October 2020, G Suite was converted into a Google Workplace. On this occasion, the G Suite was completely renamed. As can be seen below, the new icons have been standardized to take on Google’s four main colors. Although relevant, this rebranding has lost some users as the icons are now quite similar. So it happens that some people get lost or accidentally close the wrong tab.

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The “Restore Google Icons” tool is not complex. Once the extension is installed, it just shows the old Google Tools icons! The tool has had some success at Product Hunt. Lots of people don’t like the new icons for Google Apps and are very excited to find an old school design.

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