30% discount on the Antichambre, the premium university of Germinal, French leader in “growth marketing”

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Germinal is the sexiest growth agency in recent years. It supports more than 250 companies, including L’Oréal, Scheider Electric, Ornikar, Ubisoft and PayFit (we will stop there, otherwise it could take a long time) in their growth strategy.

By structuring its methods based on the experience gained with all these partners, Germinal recently launched l’Antichambre. The Antichambre was originally developed as a tool for staff to help juniors get trained and up and running quickly, as well as for seniors to keep them updated on “growth marketing” issues with clients who have a strong desire for autonomy in controlling theirs Had growth. This module is now open to everyone and brings together more than 400 professionals to support them and advance their growth marketing strategy.

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A simple proposition built on three solid pillars to drive growth

Whether you are a business owner, VSE SME manager, or a professional in a marketing / growth department, the product is a clever mix of pragmatic and activatable features to meet specific needs.

– Access to a full catalog of training courses on the most important online acquisition topics (online advertising, social selling, copywriting, analytics, etc.).

– Access a range of tools to help professionals on a daily basis (performance benchmarks, templates, checklists, etc.)

– A private community that exchanges daily ideas with German experts about their growth problems.

Enjoy -30% on the antechamber

30% discount for Black Friday or € 120 less / month

While most of our exclusive Black Friday deals are about tools, we thought it would be interesting to promote training too. In spite of all the transparency, it seemed important to us to advertise the marketing growth in a beneficial way, so we looked for the most popular product on the French market. Germinal has responded positively and is therefore offering you a 30% discount on its bestseller l’Antichambre, which represents a significant saving of € 120 per month. You have until November 30th to take advantage of this offer!

Oh yes, and they are happy to assist you with funding (CPF, OPCO, Pôle emploi etc), file creation, information submission, etc. For more information on Antichambre offerings, please visit the Germinal website.

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