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Who has never needed a professional email or phone number to get in touch with them quickly? We browse, we crawl the site, in short, it’s never very handy … and it gets complicated when that one-off need becomes professional mechanic. Let me explain.

A salesperson is constantly looking for the right information from the target profiles to effectively search for potential customers. A marketer collects leads for the first or builds a personalized audience for Facebook ads through emails that match their personas, while a recruiter might want to vary their channel to contact relevant candidates with their need.

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Not only is LinkedIn THE professional social network, it’s also an impressive database (and contact) to search through. This is the goal of Kaspr, a tool that automates the collection of information directly from LinkedIn profiles. As soon as the relevant profiles have been identified, Kaspr enriches them with their email address and telephone number and exports them to the platform. “We found that lead generation in marketing or sales teams takes a long time and often results in a very low conversion rate. That’s why we decided to create a tool that identifies contact details and shows hotlines! “Details Allan Benguigui, CEO of Kaspr.

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Kaspr is used today by companies such as Agicap, Cubyn or Splashr and offers extensive functions that are extremely relevant in the current time. “At a time when teleworking is in full swing, it is important to have direct lines (06 or 07) to continue your phone search! “Explains Allan Benguigui.

A Chrome extension and automated workflows

To make its technology easier to use, Kaspr is available in a Chrome extension that can be used directly on LinkedIn. Once you are on the profile that interests you, their professional email address and phone number will be displayed.

On the other hand, the tool goes much further and allows prospecting to be fully automated by creating automatic scenarios. In this way, invitations and messages can be sent to a list of the contacts identified on LinkedIn and the profiles can be enriched with their phone number and email address if they accept the invitation. Kaspr goes so far that it is possible to automatically export them to a CRM. A must have for sales, marketing or recruiter profiles!

Enjoy 30% less on Kaspr with the promo code: BLACKFRIDAY30

A special temporary Black Friday offer of 30% on Kaspr deals

Kaspr’s monthly offers start at $ 30 / month for 50 credits and $ 45 for 100 credits. As part of Black Friday, we are offering Siècle Digital readers an exclusive 30% discount with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY30.
A great way to streamline and automate your lead collection and search!

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