Apple: Security officer charged with corruption with iPads

Corruption for Thomas Moyer, head of security at Apple? Santa Clara Justice says he promised officials bribed iPads for gun licenses.

In California, county sheriffs issue clandestine weapons permits (CCW permits). They do this on the basis of a “valid reason” determination. With such a permit, you can take a gun with you as long as it is hidden.

Regarding Thomas Moyer, the Apple manager would have promised nearly $ 70,000 worth of 200 iPads for four CCW licenses. Ed Swanson, Thomas Moyer’s attorney, believes his client is collateral damage to a “long, bitter, and very public argument between the Santa Clara County Sheriff and the District Attorney”. He makes sure that the frame is innocent. For its part, Apple said it had been warned of the allegations about its employee. The company conducted an internal investigation and found no wrongdoing.

Thomas Moyer has been with Apple for 15 years. Since November 2018 he has been the manufacturer’s global security chief. He became better known outside of Apple thanks to a memo to employees in 2018. The executive warned of the potential consequences of disclosing information about private companies to outsiders.

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