Will the iPhone 13 be the first iPhone without a Lightning connector?

All iPhones have a Lightning connector, but will that be the case with the iPhone 13? The debate resumes today. Choco_bit and Jon Prosser mentioned it last May. The second today ensures that it is still planned.

Apple is expected to offer four iPhone 13s in 2021. But only an iPhone 13 would not have a Lightning connector. Why only one in four? It’s a mystery for now.

For years, many have hoped that Apple would offer an iPhone with a USB-C port. We know there have been prototypes, but Apple seems to have given up on the idea. Everything seems to be moving towards a smartphone without a port.

The idea is reinforced a bit these days given Apple’s offerings with MagSafe. This system is available on the iPhone 12 with several products: cases, wireless chargers, wallets. We suspect that MagSafe will be back in the program with the iPhone 13. And if Apple is betting a lot, it might make sense to remove the connector from an iPhone 13.

What could the iPhone 13 be without a Lightning connector? No information is currently available. We’ll probably know more in a couple of months when the leaks get more specific. In the meantime, you can enjoy your iPhone 12, which has been available for a few weeks.

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