Great advertisement for SEOQuantum, the SEO platform for driving organic traffic through content optimization

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Digital and SEO agencies know how important technology is to their ability to deliver the right SEO strategy and content to their clients.

When we interview professionals, names keep popping up, including SEOQuantum, which is widely recognized by the profession.

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The solution was designed as a set of content marketing tools to optimize search engine optimization. “The platform was created when I was running a web and SEO development agency for project managers, SEO and copywriters to maximize the impact of content creation on our clients and their visits while maximizing ROI internally. about consultant working hours, ”says Anthony Techer, founder of SEOQuantum.

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Main features of SEOQuantum

The SEOQuantum platform combines three SEO tools that are intended to simplify the tasks of digital and / or SEO agencies and consultants.

Semantic analysis

The user can enter their subject, subject in a search bar and SEOQuantum will study the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), that is, crawling and retrieving content, analyzing the semantics of each of these subjects to publish a report.

Each of these reports allows for content to be written that is holistic and follows the logic of Google to highlight the most complete articles tailored to the intent of internet users.

In a few seconds, the tool provides editorial instructions that can be downloaded and activated directly. This manual contains all the elements necessary to create the optimal content for search engines (H1-Tag … number of words, top terms and associated volume, context of use, proposed content structure, questions on the topic of Internet users …).

In addition to this manual, the semantic analysis tool offers the option of optimizing existing content on the topic under discussion (by copying / pasting or entering the URL) and making recommendations for the text (length, lexical field and semantics, questions, semantic cocoon … ).

Synchronization with the Google Search Console

Latest functions implemented and in great demand by users to achieve the integration of data from the Google Search Console:

Discover new ways to increase traffic Monitor content optimization performance over time (change in average position, clicks, impressions, etc.)

Semantic crawler

The promise ? “With just 3 clicks you get THE list of semantic and network recommendations that will help your website progress.” The tool automatically analyzes hundreds of pages in minutes to provide you with a dashboard of the most important actionable items / quick wins to improve your performance.

Keyword strategy using thematic clusters

The last tool is based on the optimal grouping of keywords to build the structure of a successful website. SEOQuantum does the job automatically by providing you with the analysis (matrix, statistics and site audit).

A complete tool built on three pillars to save time, optimize product content visibility for customers, and offer a robust content strategy.

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