15% commission: Apple quotes enthusiastic developers

The commission for the App Store is reduced from 30% to 15%. Apple recently announced this change, which affects developers with annual sales of less than $ 1 million. This is of course positive for the developers and Apple today cites some who are enthusiastic.

Here are some testimonials. As you can imagine, Apple picked the most free one.

– Matt Hutton, Founder and Creative Director of Little 10 Robot:

This allows us to have a little more wind in our sails. Applications are a pleasure for me. The App Store is the only one that enables this. Thanks to the Apple team.

– Andrea Huey, Co-Founder and Technical Director of Broadstreet:

Apple has always stood up for the rebels – the little guy in the big fight. The Letter app is one of those tiny trailblazers striving to change the way the world receives news, and we’re so excited to have Apple on our back. At times like this, the company shows that it really cares about creative people around the world.

– Dan Kurani, Co-Founder and CEO of Foundermark:

It’s great, it gives us a better chance of building a sustainable business with less leverage.

– Christian Selig, independent developer:

It made my morning. That will rightly help me a lot. This makes decisions like hiring extra help or getting better equipment, attending conferences, increasing advertising, etc., a lot easier to justify, and it really means a lot. For me, Apple is doing such a great thing! It will help my business a lot.

All other testimonials can be found on this page.

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