How can you use team messaging in your company?

Communication within organizations is essential and necessary today. The latter has to be fluid, efficient and transparent.

In order to convey the importance of communication to employees, a corporate culture needs to be created so that people understand that sharing and disseminating information is essential.

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While email remains number 1 in all businesses, it turns out to be out of date compared to the daily needs of employees. Other tools are integrated in companies to facilitate communication between all stakeholders in a company: Company social networks, digital workplaces or ChatOps.

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What is ChatOps?

Regardless of the size of the SME, ETI or large customer company, ChatOps should adapt to the configuration of the organization.

For those unfamiliar with the term ChatOps, it defines “a communication-oriented method of collaboration that connects people, tools, files and automation in a seamless workflow”. In simple terms, WhatsApp is a ChatOps: an application that allows you to communicate with multiple people and share documents, photos, etc. WhatsApp is intended for the general public. A ChatOps is aimed more at professionals and especially at employees so that they can exchange ideas on a daily basis and work more productively.

The advantages of a ChatOps

Thanks to ChatOps, employees can communicate easily in real time and do not waste time exchanging information via email. An advantage, especially during this time of detention and remote work. In addition, contrary to popular belief, providing a ChatOps is quick and easy. A company cannot afford to wait months before implementing a solution. It takes less than two minutes to create an account, and it’s easy for everyone to get started. Another benefit of ChatOps is the connectivity with other platforms to maximize the centralization of the flow of information.

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Be careful, while a ChatOps has significant advantages, it also has some disadvantages to be aware of. Among the latter, we can quote Infobesity. The flow of information is multiplied and the time spent on the tool can prove to be significant. Even if ChatOps optimizes the exchange, we have to learn to use it productively! Another disadvantage associated with the Infobesit is the dissemination of information. Messages can drown.

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