The Mac M1 can process 6 external displays with DisplayLink

The connection of multiple external displays on Macs with the M1 chip is possible with a DisplayLink adapter. That’s up to five screens on the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro M1 and up to six on the Mac mini M1.

Officially, both MacBook M1s can process a 6K 60Hz screen. The Mac mini M1 is a 6K 60Hz screen (via Thunderbolt) and a 4K 60Hz screen (via HDMI). It’s even worse than the equivalent MacBook with Intel processors. But the DisplayLink adapter somehow bypasses Apple’s limitations.

The DisplayLink adapters themselves have to be connected to a dock in order to have enough ports. YouTuber Ruslan Tulupov offers a video demonstration. And according to his tests, the experience is really very good, even with six screens. The YouTuber says he sometimes noticed a few drops in the pictures, but it’s rare.

This is proof that the Apple M1 chip can manage multiple external screens on Macs. We envision the next chips (M1X, M2, etc.) to natively support multiple screen management. It remains to be seen whether people really need that many monitors. At least we know it works.

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