Mac M1: Bluetooth Issues Among Users

There are some bluetooth issues for users who have a Mac with the M1 chip. This applies to both the MacBook M1 and the MacBook Pro M1 and Mac mini M1.

According to feedback on Apple, Reddit and YouTube forums, Bluetooth problems with the M1 Macs particularly affect mice and keyboards. Users with a Mac mini report must use wired mice and keyboards at startup because the computer does not recognize Bluetooth models. This applies to both Apple devices (Magic Mouse, Magic Keyboard) and third-party devices (MX Master and MX Keys from Logitech). Once the session has started, the computer will recognize wireless keyboards and mice.

There are brief interruptions for other users. This leads to a judder when using the mouse. Some keys on the keyboard are ignored. And with headphones, users have the right to micro-cuts. AirPods are also affected by Bluetooth connectivity issues with newer Macs.

One user says he swapped his Mac mini M1 because of the bluetooth issues. However, the new model had the same shortcomings. On the other hand, users with Logitech wireless keyboards and mice have found a (temporary) workaround. You connect the Logitech Unifying receiver to the Mac’s USB port for stability reasons.

It is currently unclear how many Mac M1 have bluetooth issues. Apple did not respond publicly.

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