Alan’s teleconsultation service is now equipped with end-to-end encryption

It’s a long-term assignment that the French insurance technician had to do alongside Tanker, a Paris startup chosen for its cybersecurity qualities. Alan just announced end-to-end messaging encryption. Specifically, this means that only the people who exchange messages, namely the patient and the doctor, can see their messages.

A means of virtually ensuring medical confidentiality

To ensure medical confidentiality, Alan couldn’t miss this step. You are probably already familiar with services that offer end-to-end encryption. This is the case, for example, with well-known messaging services such as WhatsApp or Signal. Specifically, this security protocol means that neither Alan, Tanker nor their hosts can access the information that is exchanged in the medical chat between the members and the medical team present on the platform. A real achievement that should allow the company to make a difference in its market.

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The platform’s 115,000 users will surely be delighted to discover that the teleconsultation service they use has particularly high security standards. A project by the young French shooter Tanker. The company publishes an encryption solution that can be integrated into the SaaS software code. A similar project was recently carried out at Doctolib in June 2020. With the health crisis we are going through, teleconsultation services are exploding. Doctolib, for example, went from 1,000 to 100,000 teleconsultations per day.

An important commodity for Alan

In China, telemedicine is already taking over conventional medicine. While a few years ago the population did not necessarily know these platforms and were more used to traditional consultations, the arrival of the Covid-19 pandemic in January changed everything. Telemedicine services are in a rush to provide services and free information related to the virus, especially thanks to 5G. Today, WeDoctor, a WeChat connected platform, has connected more than 7,200 hospitals to its platform.

For Charles Gorintin, Co-Founder and CTO of Alan: “The protection of privacy is a concern of all Internet service users. This is all the more true for health. Alan invests in technology so everyone can enjoy the best of care with confidence. “We also know that adopting end-to-end encryption will be a big selling point for Alan. The co-founder states, “It’s still just a project, but we could also think of encrypting health records like prescriptions that our members keep on Alan.”

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