Clan N: The Beat ‘Em Up in Pixel Art Comes to iOS (Trailer)

Based on the great classic Golden Ax by Sega (but with an even more pronounced big pixel style), Clan N is a multiplayer (collaborative) Beat ‘Em Up in pixel art that knows how to vary the pleasures: 7 levels , Hundreds of battle zones, bosses, and even mini-games (flappy birds-esque dragon backpack, etc). It’s lively, despite the highly accepted artistic direction, full of small details, and the mobile version shouldn’t be much different from the game, which was released on PC and consoles in August. Note that the collaborative multiplayer part can be played locally and online. The Klik Studio! Games therefore seem to have done an excellent job with the conversion. Clan N will be available in the App Store on December 24th. The title can already be pre-ordered at this address on iOS.

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