Civil aviation rejects 5G antennas near airports

The Directorate-General for Civil Aviation (DGAC) is dissatisfied with the possible activation of 5G antennas near airports in France. French operators have formulated their application to put more than ten 5G antennas into operation near airports. However, the DGAC fears that, according to Les Echos, 5G antennas will impair the proper behavior of aircraft control systems. Orange currently has 353 antennas across France, Bouygues Telecom 73, SFR 54 and 9 5G antennas for Free Mobile.

The DGAC warns French operators

A few months after Emmanuel Macron’s speech confirming that France’s “it will be the turn of 5G”, the DGAC today warns French operators of the risk of interference from 5G antennas with radio altimeters, a useful tool for pilots to measure the “height of an aircraft from the ground or the surface of the water”.

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The National Frequency Agency (ANFR) confirms that it is working with the DGAC to ensure that there is no interference caused by 5G antennas. Technical analysis is underway to answer lingering questions. However, the ANFR certifies that 5G will not be excluded within the boundaries of airports, although its final installation could be delayed.

Offended operator

While French operators have spent astronomical sums using their 5G antennas, especially near airports, civil aviation is challenging them by threatening to relocate the antennas. Only technical analysis could potentially give the green light to operators who would not hesitate to claim compensation in the event of a move.

The unruly of 5G, which included several mayors of large metropolitan areas in France, strongly condemned the bad decisions made without thorough consultation on this new technology that is 5G. Not enough to slow down operators as Bouygues Telecom has guaranteed to launch its 5G coverage in France from December 1st, while the most popular operator in France, Orange, has been activating its 5G network since November 18, 2020 Has.

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