A solution in the service of the hybrid worker to combine on-site and remote work

The teleworking and social distancing that have prevailed since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis have forced organizations to adjust to this new situation very quickly. The collaboration tools offered by innovative companies are becoming increasingly important to adapt to this new paradigm of the work environment marked by the rise of hybrid meetings where employees, customers, and suppliers come together in the office or remotely.

The meeting room also had to be redesigned so that its use complied with the applicable health and regulatory requirements. Welcome to the era of the collaborative, wireless and networked meeting room, which surprises with its simplicity by putting an end to technical problems.

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The CEO of Videlio, integrator of audiovisual solutions and services, explains: “We have been gaining speed in introducing technology to users for 5 years. This means that they have become indispensable everywhere and at any time: Home office, mobility, meeting room, huddle rooms … with two leitmotifs: maximum simplicity and minimum contact. “

Discover the feedback from Guillaume du Roure, CEO of Videlio, who has been a Barco customer and historical strategic partner for several years.

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A celebrated solution for the hybrid worker, a new cornerstone of the company

In the current context of the health crisis, teleworking has become almost the norm for millions of workers. This rapid change in the world of work has accelerated the use of communication technologies considerably. The most reliable, simplest and most innovative solutions were recognized among them.

The explosion in the use of collaboration tools during childbirth has led to a great diversification of the applications used, along with the forced shift to teleworking in companies. Setting up remote working did not always go as planned, from difficulty using the tools, connection issues, and a lack of knowledge of solutions.

The desire for more flexibility in working methods for teams is not new. But the unprecedented health crisis has undoubtedly played a role as an accelerator, as a trigger. In a matter of days, companies had to reinvent themselves so their employees and customers could continue to work together without compromising their safety and productivity. In the last few months, the switch to a hybrid working method was no longer theoretical, but necessary.

Nabil Boujri, Channel Key Account Director at Barco, explains the use of ClickShare Conference in this new work organization: “Every day this means that an employee can use all platforms for collaboration (Microsoft, Zoom, Google, Cisco, etc.). ) In meeting rooms equipped with BYOM mode, bring your own meeting with you: I bring my joint meeting with my PC. “

ClickShare Conference, a wireless presentation and conference technology that enables free and natural interactions

Barco offers companies innovative visualization and collaboration solutions that enable them to connect with their employees and customers. The latest technology, ClickShare Conference, a solution that aims to revolutionize meeting room architecture thanks to wireless and easy-to-use technology. You can wirelessly share apps like Teams or Zoom from any device on a meeting room screen, and connect to the room’s speakers and camera for more active hybrid meetings. .

The ClickShare conference was launched in 2020 to add conferences to the simple presentation. This is a new line of products (CX-20, CX-30, and CX-50) that will become the hub of the wireless collaboration meeting room, reviving the traditional meeting room in a face-to-face time is becoming an exception.

The area thus supports the explosion in the use of collaboration tools in
the company by improving the quality of exchanges and communication.

Discover the ClickShare conference

Investing in collaborative technologies, one of the key levers for economic recovery

The ClickShare conference and collaborative technology ecosystem are helping businesses recover in a world that still has to adapt to new health rules on a daily basis. The ClickShare conference contributes to this essential need for flexibility. According to Nabil Boujri, “they are a real growth factor as they encourage companies to get involved in helping new employees.”

In the midst of this highly uncertain time, these technologies and tools have proven their effectiveness in effectively increasing the productivity and adaptability of companies.

The strong growth (by some three-digit numbers) in collaboration tools is a direct response to the Covid-19 crisis and the measures taken to contain the pandemic. There is no doubt that remote working, videoconferencing meetings, and live conferencing will continue for the next few months and that personal culture as we knew it before is a really old story.

Discover the ClickShare conference

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