Patent: Apple is working on a control accessory for a VR / AR headset

There is no longer any doubt: Apple is working on glasses or an AR / VR accessory that is likely plugged into an iPhone (which will serve as some sort of CPU / GPU for the display). Patents are piling up on this subject, and one of them relates to a control device (joystick of the Oculus Move type or another) whose position in space is perfectly recognized thanks to a (from the helmet) system of points of light (LEDs) on the perimeter of the helmet.

The idea is not new: the PS Move uses a light pointer in the form of a ball, which is recognized by the PlayStation’s camera, for example. Note that the system developed by Apple should be more precise because the accessory is covered with points of light in several places on its surface. The shape of the controller in the patent also suggests that Apple could switch to dedicated accessories such as a virtual sword.

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