ICloud Music Library: Fixed synchronization issues

Users going through iCloud Music Library have had syncing issues in the past few days. An error message was displayed for users with an Apple Music subscription. It started at least 72 hours ago. But it looks like it’s fixed.

There are user references on Reddit, Twitter, and the Apple forums. They explain that their iCloud Music Library refused to sync. “Genius results cannot be updated at this time. The network connection has been interrupted ”, one could read. Obviously, the problem wasn’t with the internet connection as the message from Apple suggests. It was just that the connection between the user’s device and Apple’s servers could not be established.

Users with syncing issues in iCloud Music Library have been on both iOS and macOS or Windows. Some have tried to disconnect and then reconnect to force a sync. But nothing helped, the error message appeared despite everything.

Apple has not posted anything on its system status page in the past few days while concerns persisted. The manufacturer seems to have quietly fixed this bug without warning users that it was at all. It would have been better to have the information in advance. But hey, at least it’s fixed.

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