A tool for displaying personalized and dynamic content for website visitors

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There are two options when walking on a site. The content is relevant and meets our expectations, that is, the content doesn’t appeal to us and we wonder why we ended up there. With the first option, this is usually thanks to the dynamic content that is displayed according to the visitor’s profile. In order for the content to talk to the users, dynamic content needs to be set up as soon as it arrives on a website! To do this, I suggest that you discover the WordPress plugin: If-So.

Tailored content for visitors

If-So is a WordPress plugin that does not require any knowledge of code and adapts the content of a website to the profile and interactions of a visitor. A tool that enables marketing agencies with a website to deliver the right content at the right time while optimizing conversions.

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Using If-So is very easy. First, you need to define various conditions, such as: B. Location, pages visited, time zone, user search terms or the language of the visitor.

Then, depending on the conditions, you’ll need to set up the appropriate content, change or add some words in the banners, and customize the site’s call to action. CTAs can be changed based on a company’s time of day and opening hours.

Once that’s done, just copy the code over to the site in question, analyze the results, and make changes to tweak the content. If-So provides statistics to compare the different versions implemented and see which one has achieved the most conversions. To get more information about conversions, you can integrate Google Analytics.

If-So provides the ability to route the right content to the right user. With this plugin it is possible to change any page, including the menus, and to create as many versions of a content as the visitor segmentation requires.

It is also possible to divide target groups into different segments in order to display this group-specific content. For example, we can put people who started a free trial but haven’t bought it yet in the same group and offer them a 20% discount.

The If-so plugin also takes into account the pages that the visitor has already viewed.

Lifetime access to If-So for less than $ 50

If-So is a paid plugin. Currently presented on Appsumo during Black Friday, the tool can be bought all at once and benefits from an advantageous discount of -75%! So 3 offers are proposed:

Single at $ 49 instead of $ 199. You can use If-So in 5 locations and get the geolocation of 10,000 monthly sessions. Double is $ 98, not $ 497. With this offering, you can use If-So in 15 locations and access geolocation for 20,000 monthly sessions. Multiple allows If-So to be used in 100 locations and costs $ 147 instead of $ 993.

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