the plugin for creating and sending emails and newsletters in WordPress!

Every day and to communicate with your audience, it is very likely that you send out newsletters. Many people use services like MailChimp. If your website is on WordPress, I would like to introduce you to a very handy tool! MailPoet is a plugin with which you can create and send newsletters via WordPress. Let’s find out how each MailPoet tab works below.

MailPoet offers customizable email templates

First you need to download the plugin or install the extension directly in WordPress. Various tabs are available after installation.

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Newsletter: Allows you to create and manage your newsletters, welcome emails and automated WooCommerce emails. MailPoet offers 50 free mobile phone and HTML templates to compose your emails. These can relate to a first purchase, an abandoned shopping cart, a welcome email. It is also possible to create emails from scratch.
Creating an e-mail via MailPoet is very easy and works using drag & drop. Insert columns, pictures, edit text, colors and buttons of your social networks. After composing your email, send a test email or preview the newsletter in your browser or on your phone.

In addition, automatic emails can be sent based on a user’s actions, e.g. B. when an internet user subscribes to your newsletter, makes a purchase, etc.

With MailPoet you also have the option to create forms. The creation of these is very easy and you can, for example, create a registration form for your newsletter.

The Subscribers tab is where you can view all of your subscribers and their status, as well as the list to which they belong. It is entirely possible to import your subscribers into MailPoet via a file or via MailChimp

On the Lists tab he can manage your lists and update your segments. MailPoet also offers an interesting parameter in its settings. Go to the plugin’s settings to enable automatic unsubscription for inactive subscribers (after 3, 6 or 12 months, depending on the frequency of purchase). That way, you’ll keep the lists updated with a engaged audience!

MailPoet: a handy tool at a great price!

MailPoet is featured on Appsumo for Black Friday and offers a -91% promotion. MailPoet is available for life starting at $ 49.

Manage 5,000 subscribers per site with the single offering for $ 49 instead of $ 4,999. At $ 98 instead of $ 599, double the number of subscribers to 10,000. Ultimately, with Multiple, you can manage a total of 15,000 subscribers with a one-time payment of $ 147

A handy tool that allows you to send emails straight from WordPress and create original campaigns!

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