XCloud iOS support goes on Safari, according to Phil Spencer

Microsoft’s xCloud cloud gaming service will be available through Safari for iOS in 2021. Phil Spencer, who is responsible for the video game industry at Microsoft, raised this issue at The Verge.

Phil Spencer explains that Microsoft Safari on iOS for xCloud will run due to Apple’s limitations in the App Store. As an aside, he notes that it’s bad for Microsoft forever. “If the device can run a good web browser, we can bring games, which is pretty cool,” he explains. He emphasizes that the advantage of cloud gaming is that you can have the same experience everywhere, regardless of the medium or location. So we find his account, his backups and more. Everything is stored in the cloud.

Despite the limitations of the App Store, “Apple remains open in discussions on this topic,” says Phil Spencer. He says he can understand Apple’s position since there is Apple Arcade. “I’m not saying that I agree,” says the manager. “But they have a competitive product in Apple Arcade that rivals Xbox Game Pass.” He adds that Apple probably only wants Apple Arcade as a monthly subscription to games. For its part, Microsoft tries to work with xCloud on as many devices as possible, be it on iOS or elsewhere.

“We’re on Android today. I think using the web gives us a lot of opportunities on many different devices, ”says Phil Spencer. It has not yet been determined when xCloud will be available via Safari for iOS in 2021.

Performance issues with Safari for xCloud on iOS?

Some wonder if the xCloud experience isn’t cheap on iOS, as Microsoft relies on Safari rather than a native xCloud app. According to Phil Spencer, this is not the case. This is an opportunity to remember that Nvida recently launched its GeForce Now service for iOS through Safari.

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