Epic Strengthens Fortnite’s Business Model With The Crew Subscription

Fortnite is already extremely lucrative, but Epic Games, its publisher and developer, obviously has plans to further optimize its economic model. After the Battle Passes and other V-Bucks, Epic is preparing to launch a subscription for the players most dependent on this nonviolent battle royale. Your name Fortnite crew. Its price? 11.99 euros per month. We learn that the part is scheduled to be available from December 2nd. It will, as Engadget reminds us, be the start day of the fifth season of chapter two of Fortnite. An event that Epic will definitely use to promote its new subscription offer.

“Crew” is a subscription for fans of exclusive content

With the “Crew” subscription, all Seasonal Battle Passes revealed by Epic as well as 1,000 V-Bucks, which can be spent in the Fortnite Item Store, as well as a special content package are activated. The latter applies in particular to accessories and outfits that players can add to their in-game avatar. As an indication, the price for 1000 V-Bucks is 7.99 euros on PC, Mac or consoles during a fight Single Pass is worth 950 V-Bucks. From a purely price point of view, the Fortnite “Crew” subscription is therefore interesting for players who want to easily get their hands on a large number of exclusive items for the game.

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With Epic, subscribers can cancel their subscription at any time while keeping content and V-Bucks accumulated while their subscription was active for themselves. On the flip side, players who skip a monthly subscription (or more) have no guarantees that they will get their hands on the items they missed out on when they were no longer subscribed. This is the mechanism Epic relies on to discourage players from canceling their subscription. Engadget found a formula that is not necessarily easy to repeatedly activate and deactivate.

For the publisher, the double goal is to monetize the hardcore fans of Fornite more effectively, but also to try to keep players who are planning to migrate to one of the other battles with an attractive offer. Royale market like Call of Duty: Warzone, Valorant or Apex Legends. Titles whose popularity generally retains quite well in the shadow of the colossus that Fortnite has become. The funds Epic is seeking to unlock by offering its “Crew” subscription could also help fund the legal battle against Apple.

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