Orange 5G will be activated in 15 cities on December 3rd

Orange will activate its 5G network from 15 cities on December 3rd. Stéphane Richard, CEO of Orange, promises coverage of at least 80% in the first cities.

The full list of the 15 cities has not yet been published. At least we know that there will be Nice, Angers, Marseille, Le Mans and Clermont-Ferrand. Residents of these cities will be able to use Orange’s 5G network from next week. Of course, you will need the accompanying package and the phone that supports the new network.

Stéphane Richard informs Les Échos that Orange’s 5G coverage will be expanded to 150 additional municipalities by the end of 2020. But what about cities that have signed a 5G moratorium? Orange is not forcing its new network to be provisioned. Stéphane Richard notes that the incumbent operator is technically ready. But “we don’t want to use violence and encourage dialogue and conviction”. It will be the same speech for Paris.

In addition, the CEO confirms that Orange will offer 100% 4G coverage by the end of the year.

How fast will Orange’s 5G network be?

An important point when using 5G is the choice of frequencies. Some operators are switching from 4G antennas to 5G antennas first. However, this experience will be far from optimal for customers in terms of the flow. In 4G it will come very close to that. Free Mobile is one of those who will start using this solution. For its part, Orange intends to use its 5G in the 3.5 GHz band. According to Stéphane Richard, it’s the only one that will allow you to have “real 5G” at the following speed.

“If some people want to go there to say that I’ve turned on 5G in all cities, this is not our choice at Orange. We want to act responsibly and will not participate in this communication war, says the CEO of Orange. However, he realizes that switching from 4G antennas to 5G antennas can complement the 3.5 GHz band. He speaks of a “good network of the territory”.

In addition to Orange, there is SFR and Bouygues Telecom on 5G

SFR has already activated its 5G network. He made his debut in Nice a few days ago. For its part, Bouygues Telecom has announced that it will switch on its network on December 1st. And free mobile? The operator speaks of an arrival within the next few weeks without saying more.

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