Pixelmator: No more updates, towards Pixelmator Pro

There are no more updates to the Pixelmator image editing tool. The development team announces the end of their Mac application and invites users to migrate to the Pro version.

A message will be displayed on M1 Macs that start the application:

After 10 years of free updates, Pixelmator is no longer in active development and does not receive native support for Apple Silicon.

The successor, Pixelmator Pro, is even more impressive (trust us!) And now is the perfect time to upgrade.

The “Update” button takes the user to the Pixelmator Pro page, on which all functions are displayed. Frequently asked questions are displayed with the following message:

We will stop updating Pixelmator at some point and remove it from sale on the App Store. Anyone who has already bought it can of course download it again. As with any other application in the Mac App Store. Before we remove it, we want to make sure that it will continue to work reliably for a while without updates for anyone who isn’t ready to make the switch yet. And because Pixelmator Pro fully supports the original Pixelmator files, shapes, gradients, brushes, and layer styles, you can easily switch between apps when you feel like updating. .

Users with a Mac M1 and the photo editor can still use it. The software will work thanks to Rosetta 2. However, Apple’s emulation layer will not be available for life. Apple will withdraw it at some point. In this case, the application will stop working (except on Intel Macs).

Pixelmator Pro to the rescue

Pixelmator Pro 2.0 has been available for a few days. This version adds new features and supports Mac M1 precisely. The price is € 43.99. Those who have already bought the first version are entitled to a 50% discount. Just take this bundle.

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