Black Friday – 14 Pro software at great prices to upgrade your box

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We’ve been running around in our heads for a while: How do we provide relevant deals to professionals during the special Black Friday period? Not that the idea of ​​pushing an electric scooter or the latest Dyson at a great price isn’t interesting, but it’s not really our kitchen because the project on Siècle Digital has always been to offer information to professionals with an affinity for technology and have innovation.

It therefore seemed important to us to have exclusive offers and good deals on the market this week for solutions intended for professionals: software, tools, platforms and other SAAS. We therefore spoke to French start-ups to receive offers from November 23rd to 30th. With our partner Appsumo, we have completed the list of fifteen professional solutions from around the world to offer you huge discounts and equip you at a lower cost.

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Black Friday has of course been postponed in France, but we’ll say we’re not really competing with the neighborhood store here. So here are 14 offers with discounts ranging from 30% to 98% to get professional software, tools and platforms during Black Friday!

1. – 92% on Depositphotos, the image database with more than 100 million photos

Depositphotos is a visual library that has over 100 million high quality HD photos and other vector images for social media, blog, website, etc. The platform offers a search engine with a variety of filters (topics, colors, location, size, format, etc.).

The deal: 92% reduction in image database offers, i. H. 39 USD instead of 500 USD for 100 Photos / Images / Vectors HD that can be used for life.

Take advantage of the DepositPhotos deal

2. -30% during Black Friday on Abyssale, the tool for automating the creation of banners

Abyssale is a platform that automatically generates advertisements and social banners, saving man hours while reducing creation costs. The tool offers features such as automatic visual generation of multiple formats, brand presets and various integrations.

The offer: 30% discount on offers (from 29 € / month) with the coupon code SIECLE30.

30% discount with the promo code: SIECLE30

3. – 30% off Jamespot, the collaboration and internal communication software

Jamespot is a professional platform that facilitates the communication and collaboration needs of organizations of all sizes, be it at the organizational level or at the team level. With 100 applications, the startup supports companies such as BPI France, Assurance Maladie, EDF or Renault in the continuous improvement of the management of their collaborative processes.

The deal: 30% discount on the Fast Track offer at 5 euros HT / month / user. You can test the platform first. Offer valid until November 30th included!

Get -30% during Black Friday

4. -75% with If-So, the tool for displaying personalized and dynamic content for website visitors

If-So Dynamic Content is a WordPress plugin that allows you to display dynamic content to users based on their search terms, language, geolocation, etc.

The deal: During Black Friday, If-So is $ 49 instead of $ 199. So you can use If-So on 5 websites.

Benefit from -75% on If-So

5. 30% discount on Antichambre, the premium university from Germinal, French leader in “growth marketing”

The reference agency for growth marketing Germinal already offers steroid training, followed by 400 professionals who want to improve their skills and find out about growth strategies across all acquisition channels.

The deal: 30% discount on its bestseller l’Antichambre, which translates into a significant saving of € 120 per month.

Take advantage of the Black Friday offer for the antechamber

6.30% discount on Secret, the platform that offers exclusive offers to equip yourself with professional software

Secret is the first French platform for exclusive offers for entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of advantages and discounts to equip themselves with the best professional software on the market (AWS, Airtable, Notion, Stripe, etc.).

The offer: Get a 30% discount on all secret subscriptions with the code BLACKFRIDAYSD until November 30th.

Enjoy – 30% with the promo code BLACKFRIDAYSD

7.80% discount on FreshLMS, the complete platform for creating and selling online training courses

FreshLMS is a no-code platform that allows you to create, personalize and sell your online courses – e-learning with landing page management and payment processing.
The deal: $ 99 as a one-time purchase instead of $ 468 through November 30th.

Take advantage of the -90% offer for FreshLMS

8. 30% discount on Flatchr, the fast all-in-one software for collaborative recruiting during Black Friday

The Flatchr solution supports the recruiting profiles in order to simplify the acquisition logic and the administration of applications and to multicast your offers on more than a hundred construction sites and other job exchanges.

The deal: 30% discount on all annual Flatchr offers for the first year (available here) from November 23rd to 30th (inclusive):
The basic plan: € 412 without taxes / year instead of € 588 without taxes / year
The Pro plan: € 832 without taxes / year instead of € 1,188 without taxes / year
The business plan: € 1,672 excluding tax / year instead of € 2,388 excluding tax / year

Benefit from -30% on Flatchr offers

9. 30% less SEOQuantum, the SEO platform for increasing organic traffic through content optimization

SEOQuantum accelerates the growth of businesses by acquiring organic traffic thanks to the optimization of content thanks to machine learning with three tools: semantic analysis, semantic crawler and thematic cluster.

The deal: Benefit from a 30% discount on the silver and gold offers from SEOQuantum thanks to the promo code bfsiecledigital.

Benefit from -30% thanks to the promo code bfsiecledigital

10. -80% off Happy Scribe, the video and audio transcription and subtitling software

Happy Scribe is a beautiful French technology that allows you to transcribe, subtitle or even translate video and audio files fully automatically.

The deal: 80% off Happy Scribe or $ 69 down from $ 324.

Take advantage of the -80% offer for Happy Scribe

11. -30% on Kaspr, the tool that allows you to get the phone and email address of LinkedIn profiles and automate your search

Kaspr is a tool that automates the collection of information directly from LinkedIn profiles. As soon as the relevant profiles have been identified, Kaspr enriches them with their email address and telephone number and exports them to the platform.

The Deal: Kaspr’s monthly deals start at $ 30 / month for 50 credits and $ 45 for 100 credits. As part of Black Friday, we are offering Siècle Digital readers an exclusive 30% discount with the promo code BLACKFRIDAY30.

-30% on Kaspr with the promo code: BLACKFRIDAY30

12. – 30% on Axonaut, the French CRM software that makes it easier to manage VSEs and SMEs

With Axonaut, companies can manage CRM, quotes and invoices, administrative and accounting functions and expenses with a single, intuitive tool.

The deal: You benefit from a 30% discount on the one- and two-year subscription! Instead of paying € 29.99 / month, customers only pay € 20.99 / month.

Take advantage of Axonaut’s Black Friday offer

13. 95% discount on Oviond, the reporting platform that collects all marketing data

Oviond is a customizable digital platform that combines and organizes all of your (or your customers’) marketing data in one dashboard with useful information and automates reporting.

The deal: For $ 59, which is a lifetime purchase, not a monthly subscription, Oviond will be displayed at -95% during Black Friday.

Enjoy 90% discount on Oviond

14. 93% discount on SuiteDash, the all-in-one software that brings all business tools together

With SuiteDash’s integrated toolkits and ready-made automations, you can optimize your business cost-effectively and professionally, work with your team, automate your processes and satisfy your customers.

The deal: $ 79 for a one-time purchase and screws instead of $ 1,188.

Enjoy -93% discount on SuiteDash

The Siècle Digital editorial team presents the most interesting free, freemium or paid tools for professionals every day. Certain web products sometimes benefit from large discounts related to temporary deals that we choose when the software seems interesting to us. As in this case, some content is not sponsored but includes an affiliate link.

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